Railings can be divided into to two types including the sectional railing and the continuous railing.The former consists of baluster,handrail and ledge and handrail is supported by baluster.While the latter consists of handrail,baluster and pedestal and the handrail is continuous.Here we are discussing about the types of baluster and its effect on railings.

  1.The types of balusters

  ⑴Division according to function:wire baluster and glass baluster.The difference between them is that of wire clamp and glass holder.

  The quantity of wire clamp on wire baluster can be changed according to customersí requirements.The glass clamp also includes several different types.

  ⑵Division according to material:stainless steel baluster,steel-wood baluster,carbon-steel baluster and acrylic baluster.Our company mainly sells stainless steel and steel-wood baluster.

  2.The effect of baluster

  ⑴The baluster acts as a junction and fixation.The glass or wire on both sides of sectional railing needs to be jointed by baluster.The baluster supports the handrail upward and fixes the railing downward.The baluster plays a role in connecting in railings.

  ⑵The baluster adds to the aesthetic feeling of decoration construction.Some customers think continuous railing canít match up with sectional railing in aesthetic feeling because of the aesthetic feeling brought by baluster.The steel-wood baluster is mainly used indoors for its luxury and elegance.The stainless steel baluster is more used outdoors for its simplicity and fashion.Both have their advantages.Letís see some construction cases.

  Correct choice of baluster is of great benefit to the aesthetic feeling of construction.