The wire used in Demose Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades is full high grade stainless steel. They can be tight to your requirement and specific look.

  The advantage of having a wire balustrade is you have very little maintenance not like a glass balustrade where you have to clean the glass. There are some popular wire balustrade designs for exterior use.

  1. Q: How many wires do I need on my balustrade?

  A: Please consult your local Building Regulations. According to most countries, you should have no gap greater than 100mm, so that a 100mm diameter sphere can not pass through the gap. There are many alternative configurations available, depending on your application. (according to the latest UK Building Regulation)

  Q: What size is the wire?

  A: The rigging wire is 5mm or 6mm diameter. Demose recommend 6mm diameter rope for use on balustrades. but we supply any diameter specified.
wire rope balustrade-2(1).jpg
wire rope balustrade.jpg