Frameless glass balustrade is designed to be used with a stainless steel slotted handrail which is available in round, oval, square and rectangular profiles. Another type of frameless glass balustrade is supported by steel spigots and glass panels. These slotted handrails or spigots are suitable for 10mm up to 21.5mm toughened or laminated glass.

This glass railing system is a more economical solution that uses 10mm toughened glass which is fitted to stainless steel post and a glass clamp system. Without a handrail on the design, the visual barrier at the top of the glass railing is eliminated. From Demose frameless glass balustrade gallery, some types choosen below:
framless glass railing with handrail.JPGframless glass railing-DMS-B21483.JPGglass balustrade with post.JPG