Balustrades are used along the edge of balconies, stairs and porches. They are comprised of a top handrail and a row of supporting balusters. Glass is a popular material used as an infill panel between balusters, or as an integral structural unit.

  Why Glass?

  Balustrades are primarily a safety barrier, but they serve an additional architectural purpose as part of the overall exterior or interior design. Glass provides a seamless, modern aesthetic and uninterrupted views.

  Standard Balustrades

  Standard balustrades such as those used on balconies and stairs utilize strengthened, laminated glass, which is coated with a thin film of plastic. This plastic prevents the glass from shattering upon impact.

  Cantilever Balustrades

  Frameless cantilever balustrades use toughened glass panels, which bear the full load of the balustrade. They require structural glass ,which is set into a metal bottom channel.

  Glass Designs

  Glass can be colored, frosted or patterned in a myriad of combinations.

  Safety Standards

  Balustrades serve a safety purpose in the home and in commercial settings. Regulations exist to prescribe glass strength, maximum allowable gaps, overall height, and maximum panel size, to ensure the safety of glass balustrades.