If a set of prefabricated high-end stair hasnít been installed,it will be only a semi-finished product without much value.So the installation of stair is an important step to embody its value.The emphasis is on guaranteeing the safety of stair.For a amateur consumer,how to inspect whether a set of stairs is qualified?

  Take spiral stairs as an example,the installation of a set of spiral stairs focuses on its fastness.Here are a few key points on how to install a set of secure spiral stairs.

  1.Recheck the height of stair to agree with that in drawing so that the stair can be guaranteed firm.

  2.Ascertain the installation position of kingpost of spiral stairs and suspended ceiling.Measure and see whether the distance between the kingpost and walls agrees with that in drawing.

  3.Put spare parts of spiral stair trays on the ground.Assemble the keels one by one according to the dimensions in drawing.The fixing of top thread is also needed to be noticed.

  4.Put the assembled spiral stair trays into the kingpost pipes according to the requirements in drawing until the last section is fixed with walls.

  5.Adjust the position of spiral stair trays until they are balanced.

  6.Fix the top thread in the stair trays and screw until the trays donít wobble.

  As long as the spiral stair is installed according to steps.the stair wonít wobble.