The purchase for stairs is a troublesome problem for every owner.Compared to the purchase for other furniture,the purchase for stairs needs to be more professional.

  Take the best-selling spiral stairs as an example.The target consumers for spiral stairs are the new-generation young consumer group.The consumptive habit of this kind of consumer group is to be quick.So many young consumers only regard the aspect,size and price as the purchasing standard while purchasing spiral stairs.While there are some tips for purchasing spiral stairs.Next I will show you how to purchase spiral stairs.

  1.To observe from the details;Details determines the quality

  First take a look at the paintwork.It must be full and exquisite with shiny luster.Both wood and steel spiral stairs can reflect the technical level of manufacturer as well as the quality of stairs by the paint on the surface.

  2.The safety and practicality

  The stairís bracket is divided into wood structure and steel structure.General straight stairs are made with wood structure more.Arc stairs and large wide stairs are made with steel-wood structure.The steel-structure usually includes steel plate so that the safety can be guaranteed.

  The connections between pillars,treads and handrails as well as each section of handrails are all very important.So are the connections between stairs,ground and wall.The connections directly determine the safety factor of stairs.So choose secure metal pieces for connection.

  3.The judgment and choice for style

  The stair style must be in accord with the style of whole house.Common styles are Mediterranean style,American rustic style,Spanish style,Italian style,classical Chinese style and East-West style.Safety must be taken into consideration for the old and little kids.If the step is too high,people will feel like levitated walking on it.On the other hand,uneven step is the most taboo point for stairs.